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What are the principles and classifications of ultrasonic flowmeters

An ultrasonic wave carries information about the flow rate as it travels through a moving fluid.Thus, the velocity of the fluid can be detected and converted into a velocity by receiving ultrasonic waves.According to the detection method, the ultrasonic flowmeter can be divided into propagation velocity difference method, Doppler method, beam offset method, noise method and related method.Ultrasonic flowmeter is a kind of flowmeter applied with the rapid development of integrated circuit technology in recent 10 years
A contact-free instrument for measuring fluids and large pipe runoff that are not easily accessible and observed.In connection with a water level gauge, the velocity of open water can be measured.The use of ultrasonic flow, even if not installed in the fluid measuring components, fluid flow state will not change, no additional resistance, instrumentation installation and maintenance will not affect the production line operation, so it is an ideal energy saving flow meter.
It is understood that the industrial flow measurement generally exist large diameter, large flow measurement difficult problem, because the general flow meter with the increase in diameter, manufacturing and transportation difficulties, cost increase, loss increase, installation not only have this disadvantage, ultrasonic flow meter can also avoid.All types of ultrasonic flowmeter can be composed of external installation, non-contact flowmeter, so the cost of the instrument has nothing to do with testing of pipe diameter size, other types of flow meter with the increase of diameter, the cost is increased, so the function of the diameter of ultrasonic flowmeter flow meter price is superior to the other with the same function.The diameter is estimated as a large flowmeter, which can be used to measure the flow rate of two-phase media with doppler ultrasonic flowmeter, used to measure the flow rate of sewage or sewage.Portable ultrasonic flowmeters used in power stations to measure large pipe runoff, such as turbine inlet and circulating water, are much more convenient than the leather off-pipe flowmeters of the past.Ultrasound can also be used to measure the flow of juice gases.Pipe diameters are applicable from 2 cm to 5 m, several m wide open channels, from canals to rivers 500 m wide.
In addition, the flow measurement precision of the ultrasonic meter is almost not affected by measurement of fluid parameters such as temperature, pressure, viscosity, density, can be made into non-contact and portable measuring instrument, so as to solve the other type of measuring instrument is difficult to measure the corrosive, non conductive, radioactive and flammable and explosive medium flow measurement problem.In addition, non-contact measurement functions and reasonable electronic circuits are suitable for all kinds of instruments for measuring diameters and flow ranges.The adaptability of ultrasonic flowmeters cannot be compared with other instruments.Ultrasonic flowmeter has some advantages among them, so more and more attention to product serialization and generalization, is currently according to different media, different conditions and different pipe conditions, with different channels of standard type, high temperature type, explosion-proof type, wet type meter production.
Insert ultrasonic flowmeter: installation and maintenance without stopping production.Use ceramic sensor, use special drilling device installation, do not stop production.Generally speaking, in order to improve the measurement accuracy, three channels can be selected.
External clamp ultrasonic flowmeter: it can be fixed and moved for measurement.Installation of a special binder (room temperature cured silicone rubber or high temperature long chain polygrease) will not damage the pipe during installation.
Portable ultrasonic flowmeter: portable use, built-in rechargeable lithium battery, suitable for mobile measurement, and equipped with magnetic sensor.
1, non-contact measurement, small size, easy to carry
2. Applicable to the field measurement of sound media of various sizes of pipelines
3. The working time of the built-in ni-MH rechargeable battery is more than 20 hours
4, flexible user interface, easy to use
5. Intelligent on-site printing function ensures complete traffic data
6. The integrated aluminum protective box is suitable for the harsh environment in the field
Handheld ultrasonic flowmeter: small size, light weight, built-in rechargeable lithium battery, portable, magnetic sensor.
Explosion-proof ultrasonic flowmeter: used for measuring liquid flow rate in explosive environment, explosion-proof and intrinsically safe.The transducer is explosion-proof and the sensor is intrinsically safe.
6. Ultrasonic flowmeter for pipe segment: it needs to install bending machine, but will not stop production for future maintenance.You can choose monochrome or three-channel sensors.