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Principle classification and description of ultrasonic flowmeter

 According to the principle of signal detection, ultrasonic flowmeter can be divided into:
Propagation velocity difference method (direct time difference method, time difference method, phase difference method and frequency difference method), Doppler method, correlation method, space filtration method and noise method, etc.When one probe passes through the tube wall, medium, and other side of the tube wall, the other probe receives, and the second probe is also received by the first probe.The two probes are affected by the velocity of the medium and have a time difference T. The calculation shows the conversion relation between the velocity v and the time difference T. The velocity value Q can be obtained by v=(c2/2l) t.
Doppler method: it USES the acoustic Doppler principle to determine the fluid flow by measuring the ultrasonic Doppler frequency shift of the scatterer in the uneven fluid. It is suitable for measuring the fluid flow including suspended particles and bubbles.
Correlation method: is the use of related technology to measure the flow, in principle, this method of measurement accuracy and fluid in the speed of sound, and thus has nothing to do with the fluid temperature, concentration, and so on, so the measurement accuracy is high, wide range of application.But the correlator is expensive and the circuit is complex.
Noise method: it is based on the principle that the noise generated when the fluid flows in the pipeline is related to the flow velocity, and the flow velocity or flow value is expressed by detecting the noise.The method is simple, the equipment is cheap, but the accuracy is low.The above methods have their own characteristics and should be based on the nature of the measured flow.Flow rate distribution, piping location, and measurement accuracy requirements are selected.
Generally speaking, because the temperature of working quality in industrial production often cannot be kept constant, frequency difference method and timely difference method are adopted.The direct time difference method is only used when the pipe diameter is very large.The Doppler method is suitable for measuring two-phase flow, and can avoid the defects caused by suspension particles or bubbles, such as blockage, wear, adhesion and failure of operation.
Type of ultrasonic flowmeter
Portable ultrasonic flowmeter and hand-held ultrasonic flowmeter:
Portable ultrasonic flowmeters and portable ultrasonic flowmeters can be directly attached or installed on the outer wall of the pipeline, quickly and conveniently installed, without cutting off the process pipeline, without interrupting the process, without pressure loss, suitable for measuring corrosive media and ultra-pure water media.The user only needs to input pipe and medium parameters.You can also learn about the application based on the status indication.Both probe and cable armour are made of stainless steel, suitable for demanding industrial environments.It is especially suitable for measuring the flow of drinking water, steel, seawater, cooling water, hot water, industrial wastewater, lubricating oil, diesel oil and fuel chemical liquid.
Anticorrosive ultrasonic flowmeter:
The anticorrosive ultrasonic flowmeter works in the mode of time difference. The relationship between the velocity of ultrasonic signal propagation in the fluid and the velocity of the fluid is used for measurement.Like other FLUXUS ADM instruments, the anticorrosive ultrasonic flowmeter USES DSP digital signal processing technology and high-speed sampling technology.Anti-corrosion and seawater resistance in the explosion-proof area (area 1 and 2).
Explosion-proof ultrasonic flowmeter:
Explosion-proof ultrasonic flowmeter USES unique dual uP technology, high-speed sampling and adaptive signal processing technology, and transmits data to PC through FluxData software, and intuitively analyzes measurement results and data management.It is widely used in various industries for on-line flow measurement of liquids, petrochemistry and very dangerous situations.
Pipeline ultrasonic flowmeter:
The pipeline ultrasonic flowmeter adopts the method of ultrasonic transmission time to measure the flow velocity without moving parts.The ultrasonic wave is transmitted in the measuring tube along the flow direction again, and the velocity of flow is calculated by the time difference between the measured two ultrasonic beams.Insensitive to media, temperature, conductivity and contaminants.All applications in the chemical, petrochemical, petroleum production, refining, water and wastewater treatment industries.Gas ultrasonic flowmeter.