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Low power consumption ultrasonic water meter

 Ultra-low power consumption ultrasonic flowmeter (ultrasonic water meter, double channel) USES the principle of ultrasonic time difference to measure the flow of liquid in a circular tube.Ultrasonic water meter manufactured by Sonica Company is an all-electronic industrial water meter, which USES industrial-grade electronic components and relies on battery power, without mechanical rotation, abrasion and pressure loss.Ultrasonic water meter has the advantages of high precision, good reliability, low price and long service life.Can completely replace other types of water meters.
[Brief Description of ultrasonic water meter]
● Very low starting flow, the lowest measured speed up to 0.01m/s
● Ultra-low power design, power consumption less than 0.00055W
● The battery can work continuously for more than 6~10 years
● Ultrasonic sensor, no mechanical rotation part, 10 years maintenance free design
● Ultrasonic water meter two-way flow can be measured
● Measuring pipe section casting, ensure no leakage
● Measurement accuracy ±1%, ±2%, ±3% optional
[Ultrasonic water meter technical parameters]
● Measuring principle: ultrasonic two-channel time difference principle, low voltage multi-pulse transmitting circuit, double balance suppression noise receiving circuit.
● Measuring medium: water, seawater, industrial sewage, suspended matter content & LT;10g/ L, particle size <1㎜, fluid full of pipes.
● Pipe diameter range: DN15-1000mm full series with different pipe diameters is optional for users
● Pipe length: Designed according to the specifications and dimensions of ordinary water meters (see the following picture)
● Measurement cycle: default once per second, verification status: 4 times per second.
● Applicable temperature: ambient temperature -10℃ ~ 45℃, liquid temperature -0℃ ~ 160℃
● Accuracy: ±1%, ±2%, ±3% optional
● Repeatability accuracy of ultrasonic water meter: better than ±0.5%
● Data storage: EEPROM/FLASH storage parameters are used to automatically record the accumulated traffic of 512 days prior to the previous 128 months
● Protection level: IP68, can work normally under 2 meters of water
● Local display: two-row display includes 9-bit cumulants, 4-bit instantaneous traffic, and various status prompts and units
● Communication interface: RS485 standard configuration;USART, infrared optional.
● Output signal: OCT or TTL pulse output in two channels, 4-20mA analog output in two channels.
● Power supply mode: built-in 3.6V lithium battery can work for more than 10 years/external DC8~36V DC power supply/two lines 4-20mA power supply.
The selection and use of power supply battery
1. Choose the power battery of smart water meter:
Power batteries in mainstream smart meters usually use lithium-ion capacity batteries.This is mainly because lithium batteries have the following advantages:
1. Wide range of temperature: it can be used between -60 ~ 85 temperature.
2. Green and pollution-free: it does not contain mercury, cadmium, lead and other heavy metals, nor does it contain environmental pollution.
3. High stable working voltage: the nominal voltage is 3.6V and the working voltage is stable in the whole life.
4, high energy density: EVE Lithium-Yayala chloride battery currently has the highest energy density of all batteries: 650Wh/Kg and 1280Wh/dm3.
5. Good sealing performance: EVE lithium - thionyl chloride battery is a fully enclosed battery.The battery cover is welded with a glass-metal seal to the insulation and seal the battery housing between the positive and negative electrodes, and the injection hole is completely sealed by bead welding.
6. Good storage life and reliability: especially manufactured with low self-discharge characteristics, annual self-discharge speed of 2%, stainless steel shell and metal-glass sealed air-tight welded structure. After confirmation, the battery holding period can be stored at room temperature for more than 10 years.
Second, use smart meter power battery:
Lithium's sub-capacity batteries have many advantages, but their safety is also guaranteed.But, just in case, be careful when you actually use it.
1. The battery of smart water meter has been professionally treated. Please do not replace it with other similar batteries.The replaced batteries must be environmentally treated or uniformly recycled.
2. In case of leakage, color change, deformation, smoke or odor of lithium batteries in use, take them out immediately.Be careful not to burn during operation.
3. When the battery is short, please replace it in time.Otherwise, the smart meter measurements may be lost and the battery must be replaced according to the manufacturer's instructions.
4. Do not put the battery near the flame or water during installation.Do not allow the battery to overheat, weld the battery, or the battery to be subjected to severe physical shock.In addition, the battery cannot be charged, short-circuited or modified personally.
5. Don't let batteries leak into your eyes, skin or clothes.Otherwise, it could lead to blindness or skin damage.If the battery leaks and is exposed to eyes, skin, or clothing, immediately rinse the contact area with water (do not rub) and seek immediate treatment.
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