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Ultrasonic flowmeter is continuous tube can also measure flowmeter

 Flow measurement equipment has strict accurate measurement standards, the main advantage of ultrasonic flowmeter is the measurement accuracy is very accurate, mainly due to the maturity of ultrasonic technology and the use of the measurement elements of the excellent level.This is a huge benefit from the application of ultrasound technology.
Now the application range of ultrasonic flowmeter is very large, because of the great practical benefits.In general, installation and use is very portable, long-term use shows very good stability and reliability, and it is important to emphasize that the ultrasonic flowmeter through the advantages of precision ultrasonic technology to the measurement accuracy is very favorable.
Ultrasonic flowmeter is used in a famous Chinese automobile manufacturer to monitor the water consumption in the workshop.In this flow monitoring project, an external clamping ultrasonic flowmeter is used to measure the velocity difference of water flow in the pipeline by clamping the ultrasonic probe on the flow pipe.
Like ultrasonic flowmeter, ultrasonic flowmeter is also suitable for most pure liquid flow monitoring without interference, does not cut off the pipeline, measurement and installation method is simple, so it has become a large-scale flow monitoring problem solution strategy with the advantages of large mouth runoff measurement.
Non - contact measurement non - separation installation pipeline has become the largest reason for the widespread use of ultrasonic flowmeter.It has unique advantages in measuring the flow of drinking water, rivers, seawater, groundwater, cooling water, high temperature water, sewage, lubricants and other media.On the other hand, the ultrasonic flowmeter converts the flow signal into 4-20mA analog signal through the transmitting and output of the wall-mounted host, and accumulates the output pulse signal and digital signal.