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Longrun Industrial Instrument Co.,Ltd is dedicated to development and production of mainly ultrasonic flow meters and ultrasonic heat meters. Now we can offer more than 10 types of flow meter / heat meter finished products, and we can also offer all kinds of instrument accessories alone including main board, keyboard, transducers, housing and so on.

We are looking forward to cooperation with distributors and we also would like to cooperate with manufacturers to exchange needed products.

We can offer OEM services to offer bare instruments without any information of our brand name and company information and for mass customization we can offer such OEM processing as:

To print model number and brand name as distributors or agents required on our now produced instruments;

To design specialized and unique housing as distributors' or agents' requirement;

To develop independently for technical requirements and decide development and production expenses depending on developed products' ownership and order volume.

Longrun sincerely wish to cooperate with home and abroad manufacturers, distributors, and users working at flow measurement industry to realize mutual development.