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Economic wall-mounted ultrasonic flowmeter

The economic wall-type ultrasonic flowmeter can measure the fluid is water, sea water, or oil, the uniform liquid slurry of conductive or non-conductive, corrosive or non-corrosive liquids can be measured. LRF-2000S series is widely used in various online flow measurement of liquid industrial field, divided into standard wall-mounted, standard panel mount, wall-explosion-proof, the sensor is divided into a product that host plug-tube struts, in order to meet user need different scene.

Features introduced
High reliability, high performance, applicability, all Chinese.
day, month, year traffic cumulative function, can record the first 64 days of operation, 64 run months and 5 years of cumulative flow run.
on the power management functions can be recorded on 64 times before, power outages and traffic, can be carried out manually or automatically compensate for the reduced flow loss.
effectively overcoming the wall of the attenuation of the ultrasonic signal and the rough surface of the pipeline on the scattering of the ultrasonic signal, from the surface to reduce the energy consumption of the ultrasonic signal.
improved flow measurement accuracy, especially suitable for the flow rate measurement of the pipe.
Unique with pressure demolition does not affect the normal production at any time to complete the online replacement and maintenance.

The economic wall-type ultrasonic flowmeter basic configuration for the host (monitor) + the standard wall-mounted, panel mounted, and explosion-proof sensor host. The sensor is divided into a clamp-on sensors and plug-in sensor; clamp-on sensor characteristics do not want to destroy the pipeline applications, install and operate without the installation of any construction, clamp-on sensor is two sensors and topical in the pipe wall, not in contact with the fluid to be measured. Between the sensor surface and the pipe wall is coated with a coupling agent (Vaseline), the sensor dedicated tied with (factory fitted) bundled pipe. Plug-in sensor is characterized by stable operation, the installation of the plug-in sensor to open a 20mm diameter hole in the pipe, the sensor is fixed to the pipe openings, so the sound deed part of the sensor and the measured liquid contact, I developed patent inserting the sensor technology allows online stop water installation, easy maintenance, resistance to corrosion, long life and other characteristics