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Flow Meter-Key features

High contrast photo-emissive OLED display with numerical Flow Rate,Total and Temperature, as well as Graphical Flow Meter Indicator
■A 4-digit Log # of the captured data (which sequentially advances after each data capture)
■A numerical display of the instantaneous Flow Rate
■A graphical bar representing the Flow Rate
■A numerical display of the Gas Temperature
■A Date and Time Stamp of the data capture
■A Channel ID (A–P) associated with the User’s selection of up to 16 different calibrations, or user-defined settings (Full Scale, Pipe ID, etc.)
■Option to switch to TAG ID Navigation displaying up to 99 unique 8-character TAG IDs defining specific pipe locations
■Portability with up to 10 Hours of rechargeable battery operation
■Datalogging of Gas Mass Flow Rate with up to 3800 data points
■Easily transfers data into Excel Spreadsheet format
■Easy to read Organic LED Display
■Displays Flow, Temperature, Log#, Channel ID, Date & Time Stamps
■Up to 16 unique Calibrations or Configurations (A–P) in one Meter as well as the ability to copy data from any Channel to another
■Optionally can associate Channels with up to 99 unique TAG#’s (pipe locations) to a specific Channel (A–P)
■Turndown of 100 to 1, and Resolution as much as 1000 to 1
■No moving parts, and negligible pressure drop
■Configurable with Keypad or Ultrasonic flow meter Addresser software (included)