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 Max Pipe Size Style STCFO5 Mounting3 SVA05LP Mounting4 SVA05 Mounting5
1"-3" Integral SID-05-06-DC12A-GAS SID-05-12-DC12A-GAS SID-05-15-DC12A-GAS
4" Integral SID-05-06-DC12A-GAS SID-05-15-DC12A-GAS SID-05-15-DC12A-GAS
6"-12" Integral SID-05-12-DC12A-GAS SID-05-15-DC12A-GAS SID-05-18-DC12A-GAS
14"-24" Integral SID-05-15-DC12A-GAS SID-05-24-DC12A-GAS SID-05-24-DC12A-GAS
26"-36" Integral SID-05-24-DC12A-GAS N/A N/A
 Mounting STCF05 SVA05LP SVA05 Flow Meter
1 Optionally, a cabled version is available, which has a 2 foot coiled cable (stretches to 10 feet). Specify SCD instead of SID
2 "DC12A" refers to standard 12 volt charger that plugs into an AC outlet. Optionally,"DC12B" is available, which is a DC to DC
converter that charges from an auto accessory outlet
3 The STCF05 is a Teflon Ferrule (max 125 psig) Compression Fitting (1⁄2" tube x 1⁄2" pipe fitting)
4 The SVA05LP is a Low Pressure (max 50 psig) Isolation Valve Assembly (1⁄2" tube x 3⁄4" pipe fitting)
5 The SVA05 is a Medium/ High Pressure (max 650 psig) Isolation Valve Assembly (1⁄2" tube x 3⁄4" pipe fitting)
6 Mounting Hardware should be ordered on a separate line item, since hardware is needed for each Datalogging location
    The Ultrasonic flow meter Product Line consists of an ergonomically designed molded enclosure with an Insertion Style probe, and is normally available in an Integral Style (SID) with a fixed probe. The probe length (to be inserted into the center of the pipe) depends on the maximum pipe size as well as the choice of Mounting Hardware. See table (right) for Part Numbers2 (assuming a single Channel calibration of specified Gas).