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Ultrasonic flow meter has been an industry leader in high performance Thermal Mass Flow Meters for Gas Flow, and has pioneered numerous innovations, including introducing a digital method of driving the sensor (versus the traditional drift-prone Wheatstone Bridge). We are the only Thermal MFM Manufacturer that provides an "In-Situ Calibration Check" that assures that the Flow Meter still retains the original NIST Traceable Calibration.
The ability to provide a convenient In-Situ calibration check is unique to Ultrasonic, and it is a direct result of having developed a digital method of driving the sensors (versus the traditional drift-prone Wheatstone bridge). Since the Ultrasonic Flow Meter has extraordinary reproducibility, even at a "No Flow" (0 SCFM) condition, it is an easy matter for the customer to validate that this unique data point hasn't changed since the original NIST Traceable calibration.
This proprietary technology provides additional benefits as well: Enhanced signal stability; improved temperature compensation; greater sensitivity to flow changes; improved resolution; and even the ability to digitally adjust the dynamic operating range of the meter for the specific process conditions the customer has specified.