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Ultrasonic Heatmeter

Portable Calorimeter

LRC-2000P ultrasonic heat/cold meter can be used to measure temperature, flow rate, and heat/cold energy .It can be easily carried about by supplied protective case.

Separate Fixed Calorimeter

LRC-2000S is wall-mount economical ultrasonic heat/cold meter. It is comprised of wall-mount ultrasonic flow meter and a pair of temperature sensors PT100.

Ultrasonic Heat Module

LRC-2000M, the ultrasonic heat module, is best choice for system integration or network measurement because of its small volume, light weight, easy operation, power function and lowest cost.

Household Heat Meter

LRC-1000H Household heat meter is our hot-selling product developed with great concentration .This series heat meters are widely used in virtue of high accuracy, durability, excellent water proof property…

Building Use Heat Meter

LRC-1000B series heat meters are mostly used for small system integration such as commonly measurement of a whole building to share heating fees based on sizes and share common heat losses.

Industrial Heat Meter

LRC-1000I series heat meters are mostly used for large system integration such as heat exchange station. Compared with other heat meters, it has wider measurement range and less pressure losses.

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