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Ultrasonic Level Meter

compact version 2-wire series

HLT series compact 2-wire ultrasonic level meters power supply (DC24V) and signal output (DC4-20mA) share a common return circuit, using only 2 wires.

compact version 3-wire series

HLN series compact 3-wire ultrasonic level meters power supply(DC24V) and signal output(DC4-20mA) use separate return circuit.Only 3 wires will be used if their negative terminals are connected.

compact version 4-wire series

HLU series compact 4-wire ultrasonic level meters are powered by DC24V or AC220V.They support 4-20mA output and at the same time support upper and lower relay output.

remote version standard series

HLF series remote ultrasonic level meters can be powered by DC24V or AC220V.Standard length from main unit to probe is 10m and can be longer.

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